The BNH hospital, formerly known as the Bangkok Nursing Home Hospital, was established originally to provide nursing care for expatriates. The hospital, opened by the British Ambassador to Thailand, Mr. George Grenville, CMG in 1898, was one of the first private hospitals in the Kingdom of Siam.

拥有110多年历史的贵族医院——泰国BNH医院位于泰国的首都曼谷。BNH医院前身为曼谷护理家医院成立最初为外籍人士提供护理服务。于1898 年由英国驻泰国大使乔治勋爵George Grenville 先生出资建立,是泰国的首家私立医院。


In 1901, King Rama VI granted the BNH Association, a non-profit making organisation, a royal charter in honour of his father, King Rama V, and provided funds for the hospital to extend its care to Thais. In 1991, the BNH Medical Centre was formed to establish a new international standard hospital to meet the demands of the increasing domestic and international market for private health care.




The new BNH Hospital complex became operational in 1996. Occupying the same two-acre site in Convent Road, it is surrounded by mature trees and tropical greenery, and is located between Silom Road and Sathorn Road, close to the business, financial and entertainment district of Bangkok, It can be reached easily from all parts of the city by road, or by BTS Sky Train, MRT Metro, from the Sala Daeng Station.

扩建后的BNH医院在1996年投入使用。医院座落于席隆路和沙森路之间,各占地两英亩,其四周环绕着枝繁叶茂的树木,毗邻曼谷的商业、金融、娱乐和领使馆区,从市区的各个地方坐汽车或乘坐BTS Skytrain 到Sala Daeng站或乘坐MRT地铁到Silom站均可轻松到达。


BNH Hospital  provides the highest quality medical service with specialists and general practitioner doctors completelyl  involvedl  with their patients, from consultation and diagnosis, through to planning and executing treatment, following-up of results, and in surgical cases, post operative card.

The concept of ‘the Family Doctor’ is still highly valued at the BNH Hospital.



 BNH hospital—Bangkok IVF CentreBNH医院—曼谷试管婴儿中心)


This Centre has a team of experts who have many years of experience in this field of medicine. They offer a comprehensive and effective service to treat infertile couples. Couples who are experiencing problems with conceiving, have access to a range of investigations depending on their history, these may include:
Semen analysis
Transvaginal ultrasound
Hormonal blood tests
Diagnostic laparoscopy


 Following the investigations, the specialists may propose treatment options that are available at the clinic, such as:

Artificial insemination of husband’s sperm or donor’s sperm
Conventional IVF & ET (invitro fertilization and embryo transfer)
IVF, ICSI & ET (invitro ferilization, intracytoplasmic sperm injection & embryo transfer)
PESA or TESE (percutaneous sperm aspariation or testicular sperm extraction)
PGD (pre-inplantation genetic diagnosis)


 Additional services at the clinic include:

    Sperm Bank
     Cryo-preservation for embryos
     Donor sperm


  • 精液分析
  • 经阴道超声
  • 荷尔蒙的血液测试
  • 诊断性腹腔镜检查
  • 宫腔镜检查 


  • 丈夫的精子或捐助者的精子进行人工受精
  • 常规体外受精 & ET (体外受精和胚胎移植)
  • IVF、 ICSI & ET(体外 ferilization、 卵胞浆内单精子注射和胚胎移植)
  • PESA 或 TESE (经皮精子 aspariation 或睾丸精子提取)
  • PGD (pre-内固定术的遗传诊断)


  • 精子银行
  • 胚胎低温保存
  • 捐赠的精子

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